Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Fun

Just a bit of fun before your weekend... and by the way... have a Happy One!

This book is a fun, quirky gift for that person who has every [Apple] thing. A play on Goodnight Moon, for those of you not familiar. Is anyone not familiar with that children's book? I felt I needed to say it but I'm pretty sure that nearly everyone has heard of it. Yes? No?

What do you think of these faces? Recognize anyone? They are just normal people like you and me who happened to go by this artist's studio in Vasastan. Last Friday we participated in First Friday Hopping, which is an organized gallery and boutique walk, or "hop", where participating galleries and boutiques stay open until 8pm. They also offer wine and snacks while you browse. It was a lot of fun but unfortunately by the time we made it to this studio we were all too hungry to wait to have our sketch done. Maybe next time!

I was walking through my local ICA grocery store the other day, minding my own business, when this fun girl on a bicycle popped out at me. She is carrying pasta in her baskets. How cute is that? Wouldn't you buy this pasta as opposed to the one with the plain-Jane packaging? 

Someone let the cat INTO the bag! After shopping at the organic grocery store around the corner from our apartment, my cat became obsessed with getting into this bag. She was sniffing and clawing like crazy at it. I was pulling things out as fast as I could but she got in before I could get to the receipt, just visible under her paws. Silly cat.

Next time we meet I'll be talking about We Can Craft That (the craft group I belong to) and sock bunnies.... so stay tuned!

And have a Happy Day!

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