Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Eggs to Celebrate New life and Fresh Starts

Glad Påsk!!! Or, just Happy Easter in English. Here in Sweden, as I’ve mentioned before, baskets are not filled with eggs and goodies on Easter morning. Instead, paper eggs are stuffed to the rims, and then some, with treats and candy and are passed out on Easter’s eve, or Påskafton in Swedish. The symbolism of opening an egg to signify new life and fresh starts is a wonderful tradition, and while I love the American tradition of Easter baskets and hunting for eggs, embracing a new tradition can be great fun too.

And embrace this tradition I have! I'll be honest. I did not buy the biggest egg that I could find to fill with goodies and treats but I did buy one that was large enough to mostly satisfy my craving, and hold everything I bought to fill it with. This large-ish egg is probably a foot long and about six inches in diameter. That holds a LOT of candy and if folded just right, it even holds a large linen robe, which was part of my husband’s Easter egg treat this year. My egg was the same size but unfortunately, or fortunately, it was not able to accommodate all of my goodies. Therefore my egg, filled with every wonderful treat you can imagine, was placed in the lovely wooden basket that was to be part of my goodies and was wrapped and tied with a lovely green ribbon. 

Maybe we are too old to be so excited about filling, giving, and receiving Easter eggs but I just feel like we will always be kids at heart. And if we are lucky enough to make it to eighty or ninety I’m sure we will still decorate and fill Easter eggs (or baskets) for one another, regardless of whether or not we have kids of our own. It is just something that makes us happy. 

What are the traditions you keep going? Perhaps you have a nice quiet picnic outdoors by yourself with a good book, or a formal family dinner at a relatives home... Whatever you do, or don't do, consider starting a new tradition that can be special to you and those you love. Picking up a new, pretty journal to write in, dropping by to visit a friend for a cup of coffee or tea, or even sending a secret care package to someone in your life are all things that celebrate new life and fresh starts.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter... and a fresh new start as we enter spring...

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