Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sock Bunnies!

What do knee socks, thread, a couple of old buttons and some poly-fil stuffing all have in common? Just the cutest sock bunnies you've ever seen! Sometime last year when Pinterest became a viable force in my life, I came across a sock bunny tutorial that peeked my interest. It actually looked like something I could make within a short enough time frame, before my patience and interest ran out. Hence began my search for knee socks. Unfortunately knee sock season was over in Sweden and the only socks to be found were the short types. I turned to my own sock drawer where I happened to find a “gently used” pair in good enough condition so I grabbed my scissors and created Agnes. 


I was pretty pleased with how she turned out, despite her wobbly nose and smile. And even though it took slightly longer than I would have hoped, sewing by hand, I was inspired to go on a sock bunny-making frenzy. That inspiration however dwindled over the remainder of spring... and summer... and fall... until one magical winter day when I had the idea for my crafting group, We Can Craft That, to make sock bunnies. After all, Easter would be here soon. So sock bunny making we did! It was great fun to watch the process and see how each bunny’s personality developed. Each one has its own special traits and some sock bunnies even looked like their mothers! 

From left to right, Cleo, Frank, Pat, Agnes, & Kanini

While sewing by hand takes a bit longer and requires a bit more patience and perseverance, it is the perfect [Easter] project to take up with a group of friends, your mother or daughter, or just on your own as a gift to yourself or a special someone. All you need is a pair of knee socks, scissors, a needle, thread, a couple of old buttons, some polyester fiber fill stuffing or even rice, which one of the girls used, (the insides of an old pillow work great as well) embroidery thread for the nose and mouth, and a little imagination. 

Working diligently... 

 Photo break!

Is this not the cutest bunny face ever?  

Stuffed with rice, Pat is looking nice! 

Cleo gets the final arm... 

Frank & Pat... best friends for life!

You can find the original tutorial here.


  1. I love this post! And I love our bunnies :) Even though mine is still face-less lol... one day Cleo will be complete :) But at least he's looking more like a bunny these days!

  2. Great pictures and really cute bunnies! I love Pats look with the ears down and crossed legs ;o)

  3. Thanks Ladies! The bunnies definitely turned out (and are turning out) great! I too love Pat. :-)