Friday, September 6, 2013

What's on Your Wish List?

(Bag from Orla Kiely's new Autumn/Winter 2013 collection)

It seems like my wish list is always growing. It's not that I want that much or that I'm super materialistic, I just like nice things. It just so happens that nice things happen to cross my path quite often and my eye is naturally drawn to beautiful design, like this Orla Kiely bag, or pretty much anything orange. And did I mention that the interior of this beauty is orange? Well, it is. Absolutely gorgeous. I had to control myself to not buy it immediately when I saw it. Though I will admit that I hung around the store longer than normal and I "tried it on" in the mirror, admiring it and picturing us together, me and the bag, out in the city. Sigh.

You see, it's the time of year when my husband and I agree to not buy things for ourselves. We make this pact every year around this time. With birthdays and Christmas coming up, we start making wish lists instead so we have gift ideas when the time comes to buy presents for one another. 

This bag is at the TOP of my wish list. Or even a gift certificate to go towards it. Hint, hint.

And if the season comes and goes and any items are still on our wish lists, it is then declared open shopping once again. I will run right out and buy this bag. Who knows, maybe it will be on sale by then!

Have a Happy Weekend!

I am planning to...

... clean out my closet some more. Always fun to make room for the new ;-)

... go for a run with my running club on Saturday.

... ride in the Sthlm Bike ride at the crack of dawn on Sunday (42 kilometers before coffee??!! I must be insane).

What are you planning to do?

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