Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Two Kanellbulle Kind of Day

(Two "pepparkaksmuffin" from Fabrique bakery)

Well, it's that time again, a "two kanelbulle day" has rolled back around (wink, wink). I will elaborate on that comment later on but first a little intro. One thing that is pretty neat about Sweden is that you never have to remember to schedule "female" doctor visits. You know, things like your pap smear, mammogram, etc. The healthcare system sends out a notification "calling you" to your appointment and all you have to do is show up. It is pretty nifty. The experience isn't that different here in Sweden, though if you are shy or uncomfortable with getting undressed it can be a bit surprising, to say the least, your first visit. There are no cute little closets to change into a paper gown and, in fact, there are no paper gowns either. It is just "remove your clothing from the waste down and hop up butt-naked onto the table. And relax."

Or in the case with getting the mammies grammed, you are asked to "remove your clothing from the waist up and walk up to the boob squishing device and wait until further instructed." How did I forget how painful it was?! At first you think it will be okay. The technician places your boob onto a flat metal surface (no, it's not cold at all!) and then presses a flat plastic, see-through plate on top of it. Then presses it down even further!!! Um, ouch? To say the least. Luckily it doesn't last that long. But long enough that all you can think about is the kanelbulle that you are treating yourself to afterward for being a good girl. Okay, in all honesty, you've probably been thinking about that kanelbulle since you received your mammogram appointment in the mail.

Though no matter how much you sugar (& cinnamon) coat it, getting your mammies grammed is the same everywhere. You leave with your poor girls flattened, embarrassed, and neatly tucked back into your over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. Then you race -walk to the nearest bakery selling the famous, Swedish kanelbullar (cinnamon buns). That is one important difference between the US & Sweden. In the US, while there are dozens of tasty substitutions, there are no true kanelbullar to take your mind (& your boobs) off of that horrible experience.

So, from the photo above you have probably gathered that I did not leave the bakery with kanelbullar this time. Was it just a [lovely] coincidence that the bakery had these lovely, boob-like gingerbread muffins with cream cheese frosting? Probably not but I can say with all honestly that they were the most amazing gingerbread muffins I have eaten and the cream cheese frosting certainly sugar-coated my mammy gram experience. I'm not sure but perhaps my new ritual of getting a kanelbulle, or gingerbread muffin, afterward is a good thing. I mean, no one really looks forward to a mammogram but if you have something else to look forward to, the experience can be almost pleasant. Almost. ;-)

(Seriously, how could you pass these up??!!!)


  1. Those look AMAZING!! Great post :) And great idea to treat yourself after these not-so-pleasant visits

  2. They were so amazing! You have to try one yourself! ;-) I may go back tomorrow....