Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Beauty Tips

Tip #1:

I have sensitive skin. It's olive-toned and I generally tan easily in the summer, which makes it seem like I would have a tough hide. But I have always had extremely sensitive skin. When I was a teenager I had my share of pimples and there was a limit to what skin care products I could use on my face as most things caused me to break-out further. Even today something as simple as the moisturizing strips on my razor give me a rash in the underarm and bikini areas if I'm not careful to exfoliate regularly. 

I mentioned my issues with razor-burn/rash to a friend who then shared a tip she'd gotten from a friend. She recommended using those exfoliating scrubby mitts to scrub the affected areas each time she showers. Yes, she recommended using them in the underarm area and bikini area, gently of course, where you get shaving irritation. I was slightly hesitant at first but after seeing the results after using the exfoliating mitts just a few times, I was hooked. What an awesome tip and one I use on a regular basis now. 

Tip #2:

Yes, I use them on a regular basis now, with the exception of those occasions when I'm so sleepy, can barely stand up in the shower and couldn't be bothered to struggle to pull those things onto my hands. Sometimes I think I should put them on before I get in the shower when both my hands and the scrubby mitts are dry but that seems a bit awkward and I usually exfoliate toward the end of my shower. 

Then I discovered something amazing. One day when I was in a particular hurry I grabbed the mitts while I still had soap on my hands and would you believe it? They slipped right on! The following day I actually lathered my hands up with soap first and those babies pulled right on like butter. No struggle at all. I’d like to think I saved myself some time with this discovery but in all honesty it might save one minute of time, if I am generous. 

Even so, the added ease of using them makes it that more likely that I will actually exfoliate my irritation/rash prone regions on a regular basis. Which, with summer right around the corner, is a good thing.

Do you have any tips for battling razor and shaving irritation? I’d love to know! 

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