Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heart-Shaped Fun

Since Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, I thought I would devote this week to love and all things romantic. I love "love." Most days it could be said that I view the world through heart-shaped glasses, maybe even rose-tinted. I am a hopeless romantic and the symbol of love - the heart - has always been one of my favorites. In fact, my husband has been known to say that I am running out of tokens for bringing home hearts-shaped objects.

I actually understand his fear of having our home overrun with hearts, since i do have a tendency to collect them, but there are times when I just cannot restrain myself. I come across a new heart and it seems to smile up at me, which then makes the corners of my own mouth turn up, and then we go home together. If something so small and so simple can make me smile, should I pass it up? My thoughts exactly, of course not!

I'll admit that we do have quite a few but there's always room for one more, right Whether the heart is a true work of art, or simply a stone with an abstract heart shape, found while foraging at the seaside, the joy they provide is immeasurable.

Lucky for my husband, hearts that I find or make around Valentine's Day usually have a destination and aren't around very long. Below are a few images from my heart-shaped, valentine-making fun...

Chocolate cupcakes... recipe compliments of Jo Burley. :-) The frosting was my own creation - chocolate cream cheese - mmmmm...

Heart toothpicks made by recycling a brown paper bag...

"Layered cake" valentine with paint "frosting"

Another angle...

Bike love. What more needs to be said?!


  1. The cupcakes were amazing! I love love that photo too :) And your heart-shaped Valentines are so cute! Where did you find the bike photo for the 2nd one?

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you! The bike photo is actually a cut-out from a magazine that I have had for a while. I like to do collages so I have a stack of stuff that I collect.... :-)