Friday, April 19, 2013

Big Things Come in Small Packages

Written and illustrated by Joseph Low

A few weeks ago I got a package in the mail from my parents. Enclosed were a few yummy Easter treats, which included two Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs (my absolute favorite), a small bundle of our US mail, and at the bottom, wrapped in tissue paper, was the cutest little surprise: a paperback book that I’d had as a child called, There Was a Wise Crow. I flipped through it with a smile, reminiscing about the fat cat and the man in a pan. Back when I was in grade school I loved ordering Scholastic books. I remember practically running to the car after school with my order form completely filled up with the book titles I wanted to order. 

Aside from our beloved trips to the public library, getting these books, at such a young and impressionable age, was one of the reasons I developed such a love of books and reading. Books are so very important to our growth and development in so many ways. They give a child, or any of us at any age really, new worlds to explore, they offer distant horizons to reach for, and they open wide doors into our own imaginations.

This little book, though quite simple and short, still provides me with warm fuzzies and a smile. It is not so much a story but an illustrated poem that reveals in a sweet way the joys and adventures of childhood and the imagination. 

In addition to my love for books, this tiny treasure fits right into my affinity for old things, especially ones that are connected to sentiment. 

Copyright 1969... "words and pictures" for only 75 cents :-)

Do you have any small treasures that transport you back to your childhood?

P.s. Thanks mom!

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