Saturday, May 18, 2013

A New Bicycle for Spring

(Out at Rosendal's Trädgård, Djurgården)

This is probably my favorite time of year. Spring. Everything is fresh and bright and green and awake with life. The trees are stretching and yawning green, flowers are bursting with green leaves and flames of color and fragrance, and everyone is out on their bicycles enjoying the sun beaming down on their faces. 

A couple of months ago my husband began searching for a new city bike for me. Last year he found the absolutely, perfect one but we waited too long to purchase it and they sold out. We figured we'd just wait until this year and buy it at the beginning of the season, when all of the new models were released. Well, guess what? This particular bicycle was not being released this year. I was bummed at first but then my clever husband surprised me by locating and ordering one of last season's models from the UK. How awesome is that?

(Fresh out of the box!)

I was extremely excited, though a little nervous with the thought of getting a new bike. For three years now I've had my trusty, used Monarch, which has served me quite well. It may not be the best looking bike but I was used to it. Then there was the million dollar question, "What if it got stolen?" I didn't even have the bike yet and I was already worried about it getting stolen. Sigh. Well, I'd just have to make sure it didn't get stolen. 

So now I have three locks for it. A bit excessive, you think? To be fair, one of the locks isn't used on a regular basis, so that brings the count down to just two locks. Which, if you ask me, isn't bad for such a beloved bicycle. (And I do love this bicycle!).

(Maiden voyage... in the garage of our apartment building)

Let me back up a bit. Shortly after my new bike arrived, my husband assembled it and got to take it for a spin around the garage. I was still nervous that I would a) mess it up, b) get it stolen, or the worst thought, c) not like riding it. This bike actually fit me, whereas my good 'ol trusty Monarch was actually a bit too big for me. But you get used to things and I was used to my Monarch. Sitting on the seat of my new bike for the first time felt strange. I didn't have to stretch out so far to reach the handles and I could nearly put a foot down on the ground while still sitting on the seat. 

I was sure I'd get used to my new, very handsome, shiny, black bicycle. And I did indeed get used to it. Rather quickly. Now I fly around the city on it to and from work like I own the bike lane and weekend rides with my husband are transformed. His clockwork, orange BULLITT no longer gets all the attention. ;-)

(In the forests of Djurgården)