Monday, May 27, 2013

Share a (______) With a Friend

Last weekend we had family visiting from Gothenberg and we managed to do a wide variety of activities during our short time. On Saturday we took the train to Millesgården, an outdoor sculpture garden featuring the work of Carl Mille, then we rode bicycles out to Djurgården, and finished the evening with a dinner outing at Nyagatan. Sunday we made our way down to Fotografiska, the photography musuem, which happens to be a quick, fifteen minute walk from our apartment. 

All the while during our outings I kept seeing these advertisements: “Dela en Coke med...” and then a [Swedish] person’s name. It means “share a Coke with...” It is a new campaign by Coca Cola that encourages you to share a coke with a friend, specifically. If you happen to be Swedish chances are good that you will find your very own name on a Coca Cola bottle. I found one with “Karl” on it and, even though it is the wrong spelling of my husband’s name (Carl), I had to get it. 

I doubt I will ever find one with “Grace Ann” or even “Grace” but I have seen “Anna” and chances are good that there is one with just “Ann.” And since my ceramics teacher here insisted that my name was Ann for the entire fall and winter sessions, I feel I can easily get away with getting one that says just “Ann.” 

But the best part of this campaign, I think, is the promotion of “sharing.” I was not the best at sharing when I was a kid and it hasn’t gotten a whole a lot better (though I always want a bite of what you are having). My mom tells me that she would buy me candy when I was a little girl and then ask if she could have some and I would say, “no.” No??? To my own mother?! Not very nice, I know. These days I don’t say no but I may say “yes” reluctantly. Mean, I know.

So this week’s focus is on sharing, which I think is a good lesson for all of us (especially me). Pick a day, pick a friend, pick a place, a cake or a treat and share it with someone you love. You could even forego something to eat and just share your time. Pick up the phone and call someone during your personal, down time one evening. For me, I think sharing something to eat will be the biggest lesson. When I share things with my husband I always say, “Don’t drink it all!” or “That’s too much! Grace Ann sip! Grace Ann sip!” 

A “Grace Ann sip” basically means just a taste. See? I totally need this lesson.  

Have a Happy Monday! 

Ps. Cool campaign, Coca Cola!

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