Friday, May 24, 2013


"There are no ordinary moments." - Dan Millman

On Being Present:

I found this week that it was much more difficult than I expected to "look present" to the day instead of "looking forward" to the weekend, or a trip, etc. I realized just how much of my time, and life if we are being honest, is spent "living" in the future (and sometimes the past too, unfortunately). Focusing on the present I found to be a bit difficult. But I think it is very important to work toward having our focus on the present instead of a date in the future, whether it be the weekend, a dinner out with friends, or even a long awaited vacation. 

I don't mean that we shouldn't prepare for future happenings, or feel the wonderful excitement and exhilaration of an upcoming event. I merely mean that we should not allow our "excitement" to take away from our experience of today: the present moment in our lives.

Relish each moment of your life, even the mundane. One day you might wish you'd paid more attention.

Every moment of your life is extraordinary. 


  1. Hi Grace Ann - lovely post and I love your new blog. I too have moved to a new blog at Blogger called Sew Crafty Living and in a funny coincidence also features a bicycle. We are so on the same wavelength. Of course I still have my Sew Crafty Goodness online shop. Really enjoy reading your positive posts. Take care ~ Deb xx

  2. Hi Deb! I love your new blog! And your little cyclist is adorable. :-) Thanks for stopping by to say hello! It's always fun to know I have creative "kinship" across the world! :-D I am so glad to hear that you've enjoyed my positive posts. Thanks again! xoxo!!! Have a Happy Day!